Nagaon Beach

Nagaon Beach, situated 2 km away from the small hamlet of Nagaon and 9 km away from Alibaug is an idyllic destination for water sports enthusiasts. This beach inhabited by local fishermen from the area is a perfect picnic spot for both, the locals and the tourists.

Nagaon beach is central place for surrounding other beaches like Murud,Kashid,Akshi,Alibaug,Kihim and Mandva. Still Nagaon beach is natural and beautiful due to coconut , betel and suru trees. From Mumbai and pune nagaon beach is 100 km through road and 60 km from sea. Water sports is new additional entertainment is available at nagaon beach.There are seven to eight types of boats are available as per tourist demand. Nagaon beach is safe for all kinds of activites(Like Swimming,Boating) due to flat surface.

The Nagaon beach, lies between Alibag and Revdanda. It is lined with Suru Plants (Casurina Plants) and is clean and beautiful. There are many home-stay options are available. Nagaon is a vast expanse of flat beach with soft fine mixture of white and black sand. Nagaon is a safe beach for a dip in the water and one can walk a long distance into the sea. It is an ideal destination to just laze around but now it is slowly establishing itself as a destination for water sports too. Here you can have a feel of konkani lifestyle.

History Of Nagaon

Nagaon got its name from the Nav-nag temple (Nine snake’s temple). Hardly any tourists visit this place. In temple you can see total 10 Idols of snakes. 9 were originally placed here and in recent time someone added 10th snake idol.