Kihim Beach

Kihim beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Alibaug and a best place for the purpose of family re-union. The beach offers several options for the delight of tourists. There are hammocks arranged to make you oscillate at close quarters and stare at the boisterous sea waves while drift into world of thoughts. There are also arrangements for bullock or horse pulled carts and also para sailing. Kihim beach is secluded characterized with white sand particles and thick canopy of coconut trees. Kihim beach is ideal for ornithologists as the site has to offer a multiplicity of birds belonging to various species paired with distinctive kinds of flowers and butterflies. There is a village called village of chaul which claims to be rich colonial heritage. Coming in this village can get to sight a number of Portuguese relics. An old church and also an old synagogue can also be spotted. A Balaji temple and also a Umma Maheshwar temple can also be seen. Kihim beach is ideal for indulging in swimming.

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